About me

I’m Ian Simmonds. I’m an acupuncturist, surf-bum and all round gypsy/jack-of-all-trades. But mostly I’m an acupuncturist.

I’ve been practising acupuncture for ten years, having graduated from the London School of Traditional Acupuncture in 2005. I worked full-time in clinic for five years and have since travelled about treating new friends, family, strays and random strangers, spreading needle-love wherever I roamIan and zoggsy.

I’ve also taken a number of long breaks to set up and run drop-in, multi-bed clinics where I treat locals for free in Australia, Thailand, Bali and Banda Aceh after the boxing-day tsunami.

Some of the year I live on the Isle of Wight, sometimes I’m in Bali, sometimes I’m somewhere else chasing waves…

I am currently based in Bali from November 2015, so if you fancy getting needled, contact me on isimmonds@hotmail.co.uk.

Ian surf

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