Why I like sticking pins in people

The beauty of acupuncture is that it allows the body to heal itself. As the acupuncturist I am merely the facilitator, I come up with the diagnosis and point prescription but it is the body that does the real work. Western medicine tends to have a generic solution to presenting illnesses, whereas acupuncture is focused solely on the individual and is regarded more as preventative therapy.

The relationship between the patient and myself is the key to a successful treatment, once we are able to foster an atmosphere of trust, with free and open channels of communication, a positive outcome is far more likely. I’ve learnt to base my treatment on my intuition and intention as well as my years of experience.

The fact that I can treat anyone, anywhere and that one small box of needles can treat up to a 100 people, is why I just want to travel the world sticking pins in people.

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